Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Pietroski on Character and Content

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Paul Pietroski. “Character Before Content”. to appear in Content and Modality: Themes from the Philosophy of Robert Stalnaker, edited by J. Thomson and A. Byrne, OUP.

“This is a third paper in the same family. The ideas is that a Chomsky-style internalism about linguistic meaning is compatible with Stalnaker’s view that the propositional contents of assertions are sets of possible worlds. Indeed, Stalnaker may offer all we need (and all we are likely to get) in terms a substantive language-independent notion of truth-conditions. And partly for this reason, we should reject the idea that semantics is conventionalized pragmatics. The middle portion of the paper starts to develop a conception of linguistic meanings as “concept construction instructions.” I hope to develop this conception a little more in a monograph, Semantics Without Truth Values.”

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